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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 15, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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al-qaeda sympathizer and recruiter, but that information was never conveyed. what this does not address is the personal responsibility of those at the medical school and walter reid hospital where hasan worked when they witnessed erratic behavior on hasan's part, but reportedly did not report that up the chain of command which some feel could have prevented the shooting and headed off his actions. >> my blood started boiling when i read this. you read that it doesn't address threats including self-radicalization which may contribute to violence. it seems like there's a lack of common sense, ought to set off alarm bells. >> what we're hearing from officials is that what happen ins cases like this is that there's a sense of circling the
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wagons around an individual like this and that appears to be what happened here, or that some of the individuals were afraid of reporting nadal hasan's behavior for near they would be prejudiced against muslims in the military. >> tell that to the 13 people who were killed. thanks much. even though russia says it has suspended all adoptions to u.s. families, the u.s. state department says that's not true. this comes a week after an american mom sent her 7-year-old adopted son on a plane back to moscow by himself, claiming he was violent. it has sparked outrage in russia about the way adopted children are treated here in the u.s. right now, president obama gets ready to head to nasa to try to build support for efforts on revamping the nation's space program.
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plans to send astronauts back to the moon are being scrubbed for now and that is dividing some people. let's bring in jay barbree who's live at the kennedy space center. jay, good day to you. this is really, there's a dividing line here between these few elite men. >> it sure is. it's really not. you have buzz aldrin, who is -- has his oldest son is the chief planner of the launch alliance group, the four rocket and atlas five rocket. they are the people who are trying to get the job of hauling the spacecraft into space and are going to downsize it. neil armstrong and the rest of the guys, they see what's happening here. we do not have a conceivable --
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i can't get the word out. do not have continuation of the space program. i'm a little disturbed right now. i just found out some disturbing news. the president came down here in his campaign and told these 15,000 workers here at the space center that if they would vote for him, that he would protect their jobs. 9,000 of them are about to lose their job. he is speaking before 200 extra people here today only. it's invitation only. he has not invited a single space worker from this space port pto attend. only ak dcademics from outside country. not one of them is invited to hear the president speak today. >> understand why that would get you a bit upset. i will say on behalf of the obama administration, they
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contend that 2500 new jobs will be created, even more than the 2012 consolation would have created. i know this remains to be scene, but we get why you're upset. let's see if the president clears that up today. thanks so much. now, hit it. >> it is a tax day tempest in a teapot. they are protesting big government and calling for fewer taxes. these rallies are taking place coast to coast. at last check, there were more than 600 demonstrations scheduled across the country today. let's go to john harwood live at freedom plaza. good afternoon to you, john. >> you know, on this tax day, we've got a crowd of about i'd say a couple of thousand people right now on freedom plaza. a mix of traditional concerns
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about taxes, spending, the role of government, a little more extreme and whacky stuff. there is a sign comparing obama to hitler and victoria jackson has been up saying obama's a communist in the white house, but the organizers are trying to play that down. one of the activists, steve, has come from king county, washington, to be here. what are you hoping to accomplish? >> i'm hoping to accomplish to help repeal the government-run health care and make a change in the november elections. the majority of american people oppose what the government is doing and i'm here to show that even way out in king county, a liberal area, that the majority of american people love the constitution and love what's different about our country than other countries, that the government is limited in what it's allowed to do. government is not allowed to ruin the health care system. >> tell me how different you think the republican party is
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from the democratic party is on that score. >> not perfect, but on health care, they were perfect 100%. in my state, patty murray is going to be replaced. nancy pelosi is going to be replaced by john boehner. mitch mcconnell is going to take over as majority leader and in 2012, the republicans will put a conservative in the white house. >> the tea party protesters are not part of the republican party, but clearly see the republicans as a better alternative than democrats and republicans are trying to harness this energy. >> a little something there from victoria jackson's hair. there's something going on there. i want to ask you about some polls here. the fact is, tea partiers are found to be more educated, wealthier than the general public. they also tend to be married, republican white males over the age of 45. as you look out over that crowd,
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would you say that's correct? particularly the last part of what i was saying. >> i can't hear you that well at the moment, but i did see that survey "the new york times." they talked about all of the things in that survey, white, older, republican, more affluent i think are things i see in this crowd. >> thank you very much. one more point i want to make there is the fact that sarah palin might not actually be the toast of the tea party. there is a number that say 40% say she would make an effective president. we've got more coming up on the tea party. a dispute over the name. meantime, a record number of families are losing their homes to foreclosure. a new report from reality track shows more than a quarter million bank repossessions in the first three months of this year. that is a 35% surge from a year
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ago. reality track says 1 out of 138 households had their home repossessed. that is the most in five years. it is also nearly a 19% jump from the previous month in february. i'm now joined by real estate attorney sherry olafson. good day to you. >> hi, alex. >> this company that keeps track of the foreclosures, it says we are on the pace to see more than a million homes repossessed just this year alone. how does this impact the economy? >> well, you know, hugely because obviously, when consumers are losing jobs and homes, they're not going to be out shopping, we would hope. one of the interesting factors goes to what you just said. thank god many of us are not in
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this position. the real issue for 2010 is going to be how far it spreads. with the new obama plan, the administration is really encouraging short sales, which adds to that adverse feedback loop, which means our home prices will probably go down as well. induces more people into strategic default. >> you know, i always love to look for a silver lining here. does this perhaps mean though that more home rs going to be available at affordable prices? is this a good buying opportuni opportunity? >> absolutely. about 30% of our homes now are distressed sales, short sales and reos. investors interested in picking those up are getting about a 30% discount, so there's a lot of opportunity. the other silver lining here is that these things just have to work themselves through the system. those people who got into homes they can't afford are being
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offered socially acceptable alternatives. maybe they won't have the hit on their credit report so they can recover quicker. maybe they won't have the deficiency judgment hanging over their heads. >> foreclosure nation author, thanks so much. remember the movie "snakes on a plane"? we have a story about snakes in a hotel and one man who's facing charges for using his pet as a weapon. and not so lucky number seven for larry king. he's getting divorced again reportedly over an allegation recording his wife's sister. [ female announcer ] it's rollback time at walmart.
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all across the nation today,
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some 600 protests against the tax man. tens of thousands of tea party activists are participating in the rallies. one of the biggest happening in the nation's capitol. while tea partiers are united in their opposition, there is a family feud brewing over the tea party name. who has the right to it? a federal judge in florida has been asked to resolve this dispute. a lawsuit questions whether anyone has a trademark or property right to the name. joining me from florida the fred o'neal, founder of the tea party. i know you've been an activist for some time. tell me what it is you have coming up against you and why you think it's happening. >> well, let's see. why it's happening is probably the more interesting question. i think what's going on is, i guess you would call it republican dirty tricks.
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we started a third party in florida, the tea party, and we're attracting fiscal conservatives, various members of the republican party saw us as competition. >> i want to let people know tea stands for taxed enough already. >> right. >> well, as you know, everett wilkinson claims you're trying to slit up the republican vote and ultimately help elect liberals. >> no. actually, it's going to be an interesting question. in the new york 23 race last year, the third party, conservative candidate, was running neck and neck with the democrat and the republican candidate was really the third party candidate. it was the third party candidate, the republican candidate, that helped elect a democrat, not the conservative. i think all the polls show that when you have a generic tea party candidate running against
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a generic republican or democratic, so the sense of entitlement that the republican candidate needs to be on the ballot needs to be the second of two options. i think that's ancient history. i don't think that's the way things are going to go in the future. >> when you get in front of a judge, what's your first line of defense? >> this is a bogus lawsuit. >> okay. well, that's about it right there. let's see what your counterpart says. thank you very much. the other side of the story now from the man who's suing over the tea party name. from west palm beach, everett wilkinso wilkinson. okay, why are you suing? >> because fred o'neal and his cohorts have had nothing to do with the tea party. mr. o'neal's admitted that why haven't you been involved in the tea party before. well, i didn't have time. so, he's very good friends with
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a political consultant who's been indicted in the past for campaign issues and runs very dirty campaigns. one of his clients is grayson and you know, we've been at this for nearly a year. they're just trying to take advantage of our name and hijack it. >> but if you look at what fred talks about, his group for taxed enough already. doesn't that go in sync with what you think as well? >> it's -- they're trying to copy what we're doing. we've already been doing that and then they're going to take advantage of it as far as putting up candidates. if you look that most of the tea party groups don't endorse candidates, are not involved directly with endorsing candidates. we seek to educate the public. >> as an advocacy group, but is
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the tea party an official party? are you guys that organized that you have the democrats, the republicans and the tea party? >> we're a movement, not a political party. here in florida, we've got over 85 different individual tea party groups. kind of a loose, you might say, coalition. nationally, tea party patriots, which has over 1800 different groups. now, you know, fred o'neal and this group have had nothing ever to do with the tea party. what they're doing is copying our name -- >> can i ask you something? would you welcome him into your group? bring him in the fold? >> no, because what they're trying to do is split the vote and work with the other side. one of the most liberal democrats in congress, grayson, is a -- works with this group. >> okay. >> why would we work with people that are contrary to our values?
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>> i'm going to have to leave it there. the case will be heard in december and we'll see what happens. thanks so much. well, as president obama gets ready to discuss the future of the nation's space program, we're talking with debbie wasserman schultz about what the loss of jobs means for her state. but first, here's a look at the most viewed stars on msnbc -- matthew fox has a relationship with a stripper, not true. courtn courtney hayes let's scoop column. and the last sardine plant in the united states is shutting its doors after a century of operation. they say they're closing due to americans changing taste and fortune competition. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm.
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no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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president obama launching a new government effort to crack down on safety violations at mines across the nation. this comes on the heels of the devastating accident in west virginia that left 29 miners dead. >> we owe them an assurance that when they go to work every day, when they enter that dark mine, they are not alone. they ought to know that behind them, there is a company that's doing what it takes to protect them and a government that is looking out for their safety. >> in addition to preventing future problems, the president's also demanding answers into what caused thexd explosion last wee. as president obama prepares to make over the nation's space program, a number of democrats are not on board because they argue the space agency provides critical jobs for thousands of workers, something is economy can't afford to lose. joining me now, debbie wasserman
12:24 pm
schultz, a democrat from florida. you're calling on nasa to actually speed up the creation of the next generation of rockets. do you have problems with the program as what you're hearing from the administration, parts they want to cut and something else they want to develop? >> well, yes. in short. but it's not just about job creation for florida although it is incredibly important we make sure we create jobs in the space program for florida. what it's about is making sure that we can maintain the united states' supremacy in space and the concerns that some of us have, both democrats and republicans, is that we have, that we leave too wide a gap between when we will return, united states' citizens, our u.s. astronauts, to space. we need more clear goals with definite targets. that's what's been successful about the space program for 40
12:25 pm
years now since kennedy's vision. that we had a destination with dates and we want to make sure we're not overly dependent on commercial space flight or the russians, which for us, would not be entirely reliable. >> so, the greatest concern in terms of competition comes from china and russia, saying they're going to get back to the moon first and beyond? >> i'm not really obsessed with whether we go to the moon. i want to make sure that the human space flight, that we maintain our supremacy in that area and that we have definite goals, that the funds we're spending are spent on definite goals with a destination with forward-moving progress and making sure that we can commit to the human space flight program in a very finite period
12:26 pm
of time. >> you i'm sure heard robert gibbs saying some nasa programs were yurs behind schedule. is it possible to make cuts and still keep the development? >> oh, sure. there are a lot of good ideas. we have sat down with the administration to work out congress's views versus the administration's views. i really commend the president because the difference between president bush and president obama is president bush engaged in my way or the highway politics. president obama is a visionary and willing to sit down and listen to a lot of different views and come up with a reasonable proposal. >> representative debbie wasserman schultz, thank you so much. we're going to be watching for the president's arrival. it's coming up in a short while
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this afternoon and msnbc will bring you live coverage of his remarks and lots of reaction. we found this one in our search for stories far and wide. a man accused of using his pet snake as a weapon. and it is enough for larry king. he's getting his eighth divorce amid reports he slept with his wife's sister. ( music playing )
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if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america,
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well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. top stories we're following at this hour on msnbc, president obama's on route to florida where he's set to deliver a speech on the future of the nation's space program. france is joining england today in shutting down a number of airports because of an icelandic volcano. it has caused dangerous conditions in the skies. and new data shows a record number of people are losing their homes to foreclosure. the nation is now on track for more than a million home
12:31 pm
repossessions this year alone. well, the senate is about to begin debate on sweeping changes to the nation's financial system. changes designed to prevent another meltdown. republicans are blasting the measure, claiming taxpayers will remain on the hook to help big banks when they run into financial trouble. >> this bailout fund does is it makes permanent too big to fail. >> they thought this was a great political issue for them. >> to castigate it and label it is nothing more than a partisan debate and suggests that what we've done is just poppycock. >> let's bring in judd gregg. great to talk to you, senator. i have to ask you about pop poppycock. what is your reaction?
12:32 pm
>> a little flam boyance. about three weeks ago, we were close to agreeing. it's just an issue of trying to get it right and make sure we have good derivatives language, good language on how we move around on the regulatory regimes here. now, for reasons which i'm not entirely clear, it's blown up into a debate where the substance is not clear by the language, which is very hyper l oro hyperbolized. >> the latter says this bill's going to lead to endless bailouts of wall street. is that true? >> the dodd bill does have some problems on too big to fail in that it sets up a process where
12:33 pm
the treasury or fdic could keep alive a bank which had gotten into significant financial trouble. where as the agreed-to language, supported by republicans and democrats, which wasn't included in the dodd bill, essentially required that any financial institution that got into trouble would have to go into a process in what amounted to bankruptcy and not survive. we've got to end too big to fail because it perverted the marketplace. it means the capital is not flowing because they see the taxpayers coming in to support institutions. that's not healthy for the economy. >> do you think there's room for compromise in the senate on this? >> absolutely, there is. the question is, how do we get back to the table. senator mcconnell is right. he's saying, talk to us on this issue. if not, we're not going to support taking the bill across the floor, but we want to sit down and reach an agreement
12:34 pm
because these agreements should be very doable. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me on. in our search for stories far and wide today, we look at congressman michele bachmann. there she is at the tea party rally. it's the culmination of a tour of the tea party express. there are some 600 rallies across the nation today culminating in tax day. they believe there's too much taxation of americans. again, michele bachmann speaking there live in the nation's capitol. a quick-thinking bank customer stopped a robbery with a bear hug. it happened on monday in san jose, california. bank customer, kim, says he thought the robber was joking at first, but this pulitzer prize winning photographer knew better. >> if the guy has a note that says, i've got a gun, and
12:35 pm
reaches into his pocket, if there's a time something's going to go bad, that's the time. >> so, he grabbed the guy and hung on until the police got there. in rock hill, south carolina, a man was arrested for using his pet snake as a weapon. tony smith says the snake is just a harmless pet and it's ridiculous he was slapped with a fine. but a neighbor says the snake hit him on the side of the mouth. >> i am deathly afraid of snakes. i can't stand them. >> reporter: four doors down in room 203, tony smith and his pet python had been relaxes last night. >> the snake ain't no harm to nobody. >> reporter: smith admits he had had a couple of beers and decided to take the snake out for an evening stroll past jeffrey cole. >> as i was passing, i must have
12:36 pm
startled him and apparently, he don't like snakes and called the law on me. >> you know, you see a guy walking at you with a snake across his neck across the street. that was dave wagner. police in wilkinsburg, pennsylvania, say an 8-year-old was passing around heroin at school. police say the bags were stamped with the words, trust me. larry king loves talking to news makers about their lives on his show, but now, his life is in the spotlight. he is divorcing his seventh wife, shawn, after accusing king of sleeping with her sister. joining me now is lindsey powers of "us weekly." claiming irreconcilable differences, but what has gotten them to this point? >> shawn is accusing her
12:37 pm
youngstyoung sister of having an affair with her husband. she says she found out by looking at the visa bill and seeing that he paid upwards of $150,000 on necklaces. >> but shannon's saying this doesn't happen. >> she's saying, i look at him like a father figure, so she's denying it. >> what about the kids? there's two kids involved. they're young boys. 10, 8, something like that? >> i believe 9 and 12. larry king is not staying at home while this blows over. he was out last night and told cameras he was picking up his sons from school. in a statement, he says that's his number one priority. >> what about in terms of custody. shawn southwick king wants full custody. he wants to stay in their lives
12:38 pm
in partial custody. is there any sort of indication where that's going to go? >> i think that remains to be scene as they go to court, but if more details come out that he's having an affair, i would imagine that shawn would fight him harder for custody. >> any idea how long this alleged affair has been going on? >> up to five years and there are photos of the two of them out together. you can look at those. >> and we will. thank you. if you thought march was warmer than usual, you were right. noa reports last month was the hottest report on record. those go back to 1880. [ female announcer ] it's rollback time at walmart. right now, walmart has rolled back prices on top lawn care brands like poulan pro, brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time!
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a drug used to shrink enlarged prostates may help prevent prostate cancer. researchers say it reduced the disease by nearly a quarter. all of the men had elevated psa levels, but no evidence of cancer. glox o smith cline funded the study. you can now listen to msnbc 24/7 on satellite radio. i've got you covered weekend mornings. we've got live, breaking news. more than 50 years after the landmark brown versus board of education case, a judge had to order a mississippi school to stop segregation.
12:43 pm
court documents show that the court allowed some 350 white students to transfer and there were several all-black classes. a judge says that just can't happen anymore. joining me now, the -- you find yourself having to defend segregation practices. what do you have to say about that? >> well, actually, i've only been in office for two years and this transfer policy, i guess you'd call it, has been in effect for over 20 years. >> was it something you saw when you came into office two years ago and thought, wait, this isn't right? >> well, actually, everything was going real smooth. there was no problems at either school. there had been no complaints within the district and didn't
12:44 pm
feel that we were actually doing anything wrong. >> two big violations here, sir. 300 students transferred from assigned schools in their living neighborhoods to predominantly white schools. there were a lot of all-black classrooms. is that factually correct? >> let me give you a little insight on the all-black classrooms. town schools in the elementary, we may have six to eight classes of first graders or six to eight classes of second graders and so on. you may have 125 kids in the first grade and you divide them up into six to eight classes and you may have 25 white kids
12:45 pm
versus 100 black. and there was you know, some group in i'm going to say, you may put 40% white in a class and 60% black until you run out of white students, then what's left would, you know, create the all-black classes. >> denyny, but let me ask you, i understand you don't intend to file a response. are you going to abide by the rules now? >> we definitely have to abide by the rules. i mean, that's a judge's record. we do not intend to break new laws. i have not met with the school board yet as to what their intentions are. as superintendent, i will follow whatever the school board's policies are. >> all right. good luck with this issue.
12:46 pm
we'll be watching. thanks so much. >> thank you. a group of leaders are gathered in new york city today for the national convention of the national action network. the meeting focuses on how the nation's pressing issues affect communities of color. just a short time ago, the secretary of education addressed the crowd. >> it is the answer to poverty and it is as i have said, the civil rights issue of our nation. the fight for equality of education is literally a fight for social justice. >> well, be sure to tune in sunday for an msnbc special, "debating the black agenda." this sunday, april 18th at noon eastern on msnbc. developing now, we just got a glimpse of the tax returns of both the president and vice president. now, the president and first lady filed jointly and reported an adjusted gross income of $5.5 million. the vast majority of that money
12:47 pm
is from the sale of the president's books. the obama's also donate $329,000 to charity. vice president and his wife e reported about the same amount. they contributed $4800 to charity. in hot shots today, a stampede. these guys are trying to walk in high heels. sexual assault awareness campaign. the men literally walked a whole mile in women's shoes. can you guys dance backwards? no. a new art exhibit is taking people's breath away. it features life-size iron statues of people standing on buildings all over manhattan. police say they've received numerous 911 calls from people
12:48 pm
who thought the statues were people planning to jump off. and the tape of a brazen robbery is being released. a man walked into a store with a gun drawn then demands money. that's when a clerk pulls out a gun and shoots the man. the clerk reaches over, filing several more rounds, killing him. no charges were filed. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
12:49 pm
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some major stories are unfolding today. the death toll is growing in western china following yesterday's devastating 6.9 earthquake, but there have been a number of amazing rescues. rescue equipment is flowing into the region where at least 617 people have died. mexico's deadly drug wars are spreading to popular destinations. 64 killed on wednesday and they apparently got caught in the
12:52 pm
cross fire of a gun battle. and a brazilian stunt pilot is recovering this morning after crashing during a practice run in australia. the pilot only suffered minor injuries and plans to take part in the contest on sunday. so, who's side is he on? is scott brown a conservative or moderate? on one hand, he's perceived as the star on the right, but has also supported moderate positions, such as helping democrats are job benefits. luke with a good afternoon to you. is the senator risking any rift with the right here? >> well, from the beginning when scott brown was elected, he's said he was going to vote massachusetts first, the republican party second. he made no qualms about that. it will be interesting to see is how many times before 2010 he
12:53 pm
will break with his party. right now, he vote ws the gop about 85% of the time. guys like jim demint, conservative senator from south carolina really want red-blooded, hard core conservatives. he does not fall into that category. this is the state of massachusetts, where obviously, if you were to run like a jim demint, it's not going to get you elected there. he has gone out of his way to make these pragmatic decisions since he's gotten to washington. one republican i spoke to said that while he does not like how brown strays, says, quote, is heck of a lot better than ted kennedy. >> with regard to demint and brown, they had a chat fest on the senate floor, but say everything's fine. >> a demint staffer tweeted, a litt little upset with scott brown about breaking a filibuster on
12:54 pm
the $9 billion jobs bill. apparently now they're all friends, they say. it will be interesting from here on out, how much can scott brown walk away from the gop party line without getting real blow back from guys like mitch mcconnell and jon kyl. >> thanks for watching. up next, "andrea mitchell reports" and among her guests, former republican house leader, dick army, who's taking part in today's tea party rallies and "the washington post's" ewe again washington. nger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing ) keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain...
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acceptpay. invoice digitally. get paid faster. only from american express open. right now on andr"andrea mitchell reports", the president is about to land on the shuttle landing strip at cape canaveral, facing a fire storm though over the proposed nasa budget cuts.
12:58 pm
does this prove you can't cut anything from the federal budget without paying a heavy political price? an important lesson on tax day as tea party protesters take on washington. >> what we know is that this income tax system is badly broken, badly corrupted, benefits washington at our expense. >> just what do the tea partiers really want? new polling results today. plus, our debate. dick army, eugene robinson and chuck todd. plus, former democratic congressional leader, david bonior and pat buchanan. just how hard it is going to be to win the peace, if there ever is a peace. the battle for hearts and minds as told on "time" magazine's cover. and here on tax day, the white house has just posted the
12:59 pm
tax returns for the obamas and bidens. the obamas are reporting over $5.5 million. mostly from the sales of the president's books. the bidens had an adjusted gross income of over $330,000. guess there's a difference between authors and nonauthors and authors who are presidents of the united states. the budget expected to cost thousands of nasa jobs. he is proposing a training program to counter that, but it's the cuts that are the big issue in battleground florida. chuck todd, let's talk about the politics of this. you know, you can't get to a budget cuts without making budget cuts. you can't reduce a deficit without doing something about discretionary spending.
1:00 pm
you're from florida. let's talk about the nasa cuts. the buzz saw the president has run into. >> a conversation i


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